Project Collection

Annual reports educate and inspire supporters

Donors want to connect with your accomplishments and goals for the future. An effective annual report will build trust and show how you use your resources wisely to make even more of an impact.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Brand Development
  • Print Design
  • Content Creation
  • Print Management
Three annual reports side by side

Tahirih Justice Center

Impact Report 2020

While Tahirih is in the process of updating its brand, we designed this impact report to reference the new brand but keep the overall structure of previous impact reports.

Image of Tahirih Impact Report 2020. Shows a photo of a young Black woman with the words "2020 Impact Report: Supporting Immigrant Survivors on their Journeys to Safety and Justice".
Interior spread from Tahirih Impact Report 2020. Includes a photo of a young woman, body text and two graphs.

Free the Slaves

Annual Impact Report 2020

We designed this annual report in a tight timeframe to meet the client’s needs. Images were sourced from the client’s collection, which included photos from field offices and partners.

Cover of Free the Slaves Annual Impact Report 2020. Title is "Adaptation, Innovation, Growth"
Interior spread from Free the Slaves Annual Impact Report 2020.

The Human Trafficking Pro Bono Legal Center

Impact Report 2017

Shortly before a comprehensive branding overhaul, HT Pro Bono requested a strong look and feel for this annual report featuring hot pinks and oranges to signal a bold new direction in their organization. Custom photography donated by a local photographer enhances the piece.

We work closely with our clients on both the visual design and strategic outreach aspects of each annual report we create.

The Asia Foundation

Year in Review 2017

This piece highlights The Asia Foundation’s work promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality across Asia and invites readers to join The Lotus Circle, The Asia Foundation’s high-end donor community, to increase their impact even further.

Urban Alliance

Annual Report 2015-2016

This piece represented a bold step forward for Urban Alliance’s brand. Custom photos, strong statistics and colorful icons highlight Urban Alliance’s unique personality and effectiveness.