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Tahirih Justice Center transforms with a new website, branding and materials

Tahirih Justice Center is a national non-profit that protects immigrant women and children in the United States fleeing violence. As of 2018, Tahirih operates five regional offices across the United States and has served over 22,000 individuals since its founding in 1997. See how we helped them reinvent their organization with an overhaul of their communications materials.



  • Strategic Consulting
  • Brand Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Print Collateral Design
  • Post-launch Maintenance

The Challenge

Tahirih came to us with a very old, outdated WordPress website that was hard to navigate and didn’t accurately explain their programs or engage visitors. They needed a complete overhaul of their website from the bottom up, from strategy and information architecture to design and development.

Our Solution

We were delighted to help Tahirih rethink their strategy and expand their website into a powerful outreach and fundraising tool. The new website fully showcases their programs, activities and five office locations across the country. Tahirih staff post news, action alerts and survivor stories frequently in tandem with social media campaigns that keep supporters engaged.

Tahirih Justice Center went from a static, outdated brochure website to a robust, engaging dynamic website with an all-new look and feel.

Detailed Strategic Planning and Information Architecture

We worked closely with Tahirih staff and leadership to determine how we could make this website meet their organizational goals and resonate with visitors. Tahirih is a very active organization with a variety of different programs, services and locations. Thinking carefully about their diverse audiences, we anticipated visitors’ interests and organized content to enable deeper digging, lateral exploration and — most importantly — focused action.

Visual Styling Makeover

We gave Tahirih’s look a new life with a fresher and more energetic secondary color palette paired with their existing logo and navy blue base color. We introduced stronger fonts and bigger, more compelling imagery throughout the site to draw visitors in and direct attention more effectively.

Compelling Survivor Stories, Action Alerts and News

Fresh, meaningful content is at the core of Tahirih’s strategy for connecting with and inspiring supporters. Tahirih serves women and children who have endured incredible ordeals with strength and courage. Their stories bring Tahirih’s work to life and show supporters the dramatic impact of their work. Frequently updated Action Alerts keep supporters aware of current policy challenges and opportunities to speak out. News updates highlight Tahirih’s accomplishments and raise awareness on issues of concern.

Custom Layouts and Functionality

Rather than forcing different kinds of content into a few rigid templates, we created more custom layouts to allow key pages to resonate in their own ways. We used custom taxonomies to filter and present relevant information in each area. In addition to robust archives, we provided even more “deep dive value” to visitors with two document libraries, a job board and an interactive historical timeline as well.

Hands-on Testing and Adjustments Process

Making sure this new website meets the needs of Tahirih’s different departments was one of our top priorities. We conducted focused review meetings, interviews and surveys throughout the project to give Tahirih leadership multiple opportunities to review, ask questions and provide feedback. The result was a website that reflected the purpose and messaging of Tahirih’s different departments and locations while still being part of a cohesive whole.

Complete Technical Overhaul with Enhanced Security

The WordPress mechanics on Tahirih’s previous website had not been updated in nearly two years. We educated Tahirih about the security risks this creates while setting up a backup temporary web presence in case their old site was hacked before the new site launched. Sure enough, that happened—but we were ready. We launched their new website successfully, solidly rebuilt from the ground up with special customization on the backend. Since the launch, we’ve provided WordPress maintenance and ongoing support to keep this website running smoothly and securely.

We enjoyed seeing Tahirih’s new website work as a powerful catalyst for their entire organization.

“As the Communications Manager at Tahirih during this project, I selected Dawn Sword and her Serendipity Creative team to guide Tahirih through an extensive website and branding redesign. We couldn’t have made a better decision. Dawn’s combination of versatility, technical capabilities, and creative acumen is rare to find in the communications field. She created stunning work that encapsulated our mission in a way that hadn’t before been accomplished. Her partnership also built our staff’s knowledge of project management, web security, best practices, and so much more. I would recommend Dawn for any communications project without hesitation.”

Marlena Hartz / Former Communications Manager at Tahirih Justice Center

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