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  • strategy + design + implementation
  • digital + print expertise
  • badass woman-owned B Corp
  • 22+ years of cause-driven focus
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I’m Dawn Sword (she/her), founder and creative director of Serendipity Creative LLC. I launched this company in 2001 focused exclusively on providing creative services to social justice changemakers. Over 20 years later, that’s still our focus today.

As your graphic design partner, creative strategist, visual storyteller and website caretaker, I personally get behind your mission to find your authentic voice, plan your approach and implement our plan. It matters to me to create work we can all be proud of.

Clients are often surprised with how fluently I switch between detailed strategic planning, messaging, creative design thinking and technical considerations across print and digital projects. Working closely with clients and partners to make it all happen brings me joy.

When I’m not at my desk, you can find me in the air practicing aerial arts or outside enjoying the woods. I delight in connecting with interesting people with unusual hobbies.

how we work

Helping clients grow and create change is why we do this work, what drives us forward. We’re always looking out for you and thinking on your behalf.

We’re thinkers AND doers. We insist on smart strategy and solid implementation — one without the other gets you nowhere.

We ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to get at the roots of what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, what you really need for success and how we can get you there.

Quality design work expresses your unique visual voice and creates new connections. We revel in all of it from the big picture creative thinking to the small design details.

We’re surprisingly versatile and flexible, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need something! We’re also upfront when it’s better for us to bring in a specialist or help with a referral.

We thrive on serving as a trusted creative partner and knowledgeable resource. Sure, we can help with one-off projects, but our strength is in partnership over time.

b corp

Serendipity Creative LLC was founded over two decades ago with the specific purpose of harnessing business for social good. We’re proud to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to doing business according to the highest ethical standards with a focus on sustainability and social benefit.

Achieving and maintaining B Corp status isn’t easy, nor should it be. Applicants are rigorously evaluated and re-evaluated for ethics and sustainability across a variety of areas including business focus, clientele, environmental impact, governance and more.

Logo: Certified B Corporation


Staying small and lean lets us offer senior-level expertise and focus your budget on the services you need—not on overhead you don’t.

Most of our work is done in-house. When it makes sense for your project, we bring in trusted partners with different specialties.

Regardless of our team’s size and shape, you’ll work directly with Dawn in a process we always hope is fun and rewarding for all of us.

ethical design

Designers have so much potential to create impact simply based on our choices. We’re constantly mindful of ethical design principles and respectful storytelling, inclusive design, representation and how the things we create shape the world around us. We try to source typography, illustrations and photos from creators from underrepresented groups whenever possible.


We love doing good work with good people, forming long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect. We enjoy getting to know our clients and the day-to-day of keeping them happy.

We’ve been honored to serve so many amazing changemakers over the years, including:
client logo: GlobalGiving
logo: Vera Institute of Justice
client logo: GlobalGiving
logo: Vera Institute of Justice
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We’ve worked with Dawn for over 10 years and it just keeps getting better. If you’re looking for a detail-oriented, creative, good-thinking, on-time, sensitive, fun-to-work-with graphic or web design consultant, Dawn is your person. She cares deeply about her clients’ issues and doing an excellent job. We’re so grateful for the work she’s done for us and others!

// michael munson / Executive Director / FORGE

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Although this list is constantly expanding, we’ve worked with progressive causes along these lines:

  • LGBTQ+ Rights and Support
  • Violence Prevention and Survivor Support
  • Gender Justice
  • Reproductive Health
  • Anti-Trafficking and Anti-Slavery
  • Healthcare and Health Equity
  • Immigrants’ Rights
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Youth Advocacy
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Protecting Local News
  • International Development
  • Workforce Development
  • K-12 and University Education