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Annual report redesign promotes equity in economic policy

A project for the Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Cover and interior pages of 2020 WCEG annual report. Includes tagline Equity = Strength


  • Creative Strategy
  • Print Design
  • Digital Design

The Washington Center for Equitable Growth (WCEG) provides research and analysis to support U.S. economic policy that’s fair to everyone—particularly underserved groups.

Economic policy can often feel dry and distant from most people’s daily lives. Yet the core of WCEG’s work centers around examining how it does impact people directly, and how it can be shaped with equity in mind.

WCEG came to us wanting to breathe new life into their 2020 annual report and connect more effectively with supporters on an emotional level.

Our Solution

We were delighted to redesign this annual report to give it a more compelling, human feel and connect WCEG’s economic policy work with people’s real lives.

Working within WCEG’s existing brand color palette and typography guidelines, we created a series of supplemental graphics and custom illustrations referencing economic charts and data trends as they intersect with people living their lives.

We intentionally sourced photography that represented a variety of diversity including racial, gender, socioeconomic, ability, and others.

Pages from the 2021 WCEG Annual Report

Continuing Work

After the redesign of the 2020 Annual Report, WCEG returned to us for the 2021 Annual Report. It was a pleasure to adapt the design to help the next year feel visually distinct and yet related to the design precedents set with the 2020 Annual Report. We were also able to economize by reusing certain aspects of the layout and design styling moving forward.