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Fresh gift card designs boost charitable giving

A project for GlobalGiving

four gift card layouts with titles: thanks for all you do, the gift of education, the gift of conservation, and cheers


  • Digital Design

GlobalGiving’s gift card program is a unique way to give meaningful gifts with an extra layer of impact. It’s one of our favorite gifts for family and friends who already have enough stuff! Gift card recipients redeem their gift cards into contributions to the organizations or causes they choose—all of which have been carefully vetted by the GlobalGiving team.

GlobalGiving had a series of existing gift card designs, but they were starting to feel stale and excitement among users was tapering off. See how we helped GlobalGiving freshen its gift card collection with new designs and themes that inspired a noticeable uptick in donations and gift card ad ROI.

four gift card layouts with titles: happy anniversary, we appreciate you, the gift of health and for a gender-equal future

Our Solution

We designed two rounds of gift cards, each with different themes and file dimensions for use on the GlobalGiving website, social media ads, emails and printed receipts.

For round one, we created cards with themes such as gender equality, conservation and education, plus two more general cards for thank yous and group appreciation.

Round two gift cards were focused more on occasions with Happy Anniversary and Cheers cards as well as a theme-based card to support health projects.


The new gift card designs quickly became popular with supporters. Before the new designs, GlobalGiving’s gift card ad spend ROI was just 2:1. With the new designs, it jumped to 32:1!

We’re so pleased to help with this growth and look forward to more in the future.