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Tahirih goes digital with its 2021 Impact Report microsite

A project for Tahirih Justice Center

screenshots of home page and mobile interior page. Tagline says supporting immigrant survivors of violence on their journeys to safety and justice


  • Creative Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Post-Launch Website Care
  • Print Design

We’ve enjoyed designing Tahirih Justice Center’s printed impact report booklet every year since 2014. In 2022, we changed things up and reshaped it into a WordPress microsite.

Going digital with their impact report allowed Tahirih to speed distribution and save on printing, mailing and storage costs while consuming less paper and reducing their carbon footprint.

tablet and mobile screenshots of the impact report. Includes charts, graphs and photos

Our Solution

We worked with Tahirih to create the sitemap and plan how the previous print content structure would be reshaped for the web. We retained many of the design elements from the print impact report and adapted them for a responsive web experience. In some areas, we were able to expand content and make it more engaging with subtle animations and polish.

This project was interesting from a technical perspective as well. We created this impact report microsite within the directory structure of the main website, and yet as its own standalone piece with navigation, styling and other elements separate from the main website. With an aging main website using different branding and technology, and the microsite within it using different branding, navigation and functionality, we were pleased to make this approach work for Tahirih.

In order to reach some supporters who may not see the email announcement, we created simple postcards with a QR code and URL that Tahirih mailed to their audience separately.