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Urban Wood Economy steps up with a new website and brand expansion

A project for Urban Wood Economy

screenshots of home page with photos of people examining waste wood that can be turned into valuable resources.


  • Brand Development
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Post-launch Website Care

Urban Wood Economy creates profitable pathways for waste wood to be diverted from landfills and turned into valuable products. Their work also helps create jobs along the way. They needed a new website that could communicate their process-oriented impact story and highlight successful projects in an engaging way.

We worked closely with Urban Wood Economy to plan how to orient visitors to the process and value of turning waste wood into profit. We then designed features around how Urban Wood Economy creates and supports these supply chains. Along the way, we expanded their brand basics beyond their logo to include a new color palette, typography (fonts), iconography, design patterns, imagery and other brand components to work as a cohesive whole.

Screenshots of web pages that showcase Urban Wood Economy's work and projects

Showcasing Projects and Impact

We created a filterable, searchable collection of projects Urban Wood Economy can build out over time. Each project includes custom fields for information such as location, partners, type of project, photos and descriptive text.

In other areas around the site, we built features that highlight Urban Wood Economy’s services, the difference they make, and how they fit in with the larger ecosystem of waste reduction efforts. We also created custom treatments for their About Us information and News feed.