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Website redesign supports trans disabled people of color

A project for the Trans Empowerment Project

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Trans Empowerment Project (TEP) empowers and engages queer and trans* people to move out of crisis mode and into their best lives.

As a grassroots organization, TEP’s intimate, community-based work is focused on working creatively with queer / trans people and allies. As TEP’s programs have evolved, they needed a new website that reflects their dynamic culture and provides informative content the community can use to move forward into a position of strength.

website home page screenshots

Our Solution

We were pleased to get behind TEP’s mission to design and code a new website based on their current and anticipated direction. Using TEP’s existing logo, we designed a fresh, assertive brand look and feel with high-contrast elements juxtaposed with softer colors in their logo. We intentionally sourced their headline font from an independent type designer who is a person of color himself. Aptly named “Martin,” this font is based on historical protest posters from the Martin Luther King, Jr. era.

On a technical level, we built this website to be flexible as TEP’s needs change. We added dynamic functionality to showcase upcoming events and news posts. We also developed custom landing pages and other features specific to different programs.