Case Study

Social media campaign helps FORGE find emergency housing for transgender domestic violence survivors

FORGE provides important resources and training to support transgender individuals and strengthen transgender communities. See how we quickly developed a creative social media fundraising campaign to help FORGE respond to emergency needs during covid-19.


FORGE logo


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Brand Development
  • Social Media Campaign Design
  • Copywriting

The Challenge

During COVID-19, domestic abuse has intensified as survivors have been trapped at home with their abusers. LGBTQ+ individuals are at higher risk, and shelters have been unable to provide services to everyone in need. Since the start of pandemic, FORGE has been overwhelmed by calls from transgender domestic violence survivors who face the horrible choice between abuse at home and homelessness if they leave.

Our Solution

We proposed a social media mini-campaign to encourage people to donate unused hotel points, airline miles and other rewards points FORGE can use to pay for hotel rooms for survivors. FORGE loved the idea. Within a matter of days, we created the campaign branding, social media campaign graphics and post copy suggestions. The campaign launched in early April and we look forward to seeing the response!

We were glad to be there for FORGE during covid-19 with strategic ideas and impactful design to help gather emergency support for transgender survivors.

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